TASTING ROOM - Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary


The World’s First and Only Tasting Bar Inside a Dispensary.

Sample our Cannabiers, ice cold right from the tap. You can even build your own 6-pack.

Our Two Roots Non-alcoholic beer is good for you. Filled with electrolytes and carbohydrates, in some senses it’s more closely related to a sports drink. Unlike alcohol, no damaged brain cells and no hangovers!

Why Cannabier

A Healthy Alcoholic Beverage Alternative

Two Roots offers consumers a responsibly formulated (micro- dosed) beverage that emulates the rapid onset of alcohol as well as its rapid dissipation from the body. And we believe such a product will help break down or eliminate the fear factor that has so much of the population still wary of trying cannabis infused products.

Uniting cannabis with craft quality beer, Two Roots Brewing Co. and ReLeaf have a product that tourists and locals LOVE.