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Legal Updates

Legal Updates

Medical marijuana in Nevada has been in the legislation books since 2001. Yet, patients were not able to legally obtain their medication with any kind of regularity because there was still no access to legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada. Past Nevada MMJ dispensaries were shut down because of the lack of legal regularities. The practice of patients serving patients is how patients were able to get their medication in the state before medical marijuana dispensaries, like Las Vegas ReLeaf, opened. The “patients serving patients” practice was also a grey area legally speaking with no real regularities to ensure patients received access to the medical marijuana they needed. Without regularities and access to legal Nevada medical cannabis dispensaries, patients were left to fend for themselves—until now.
Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary, a new and legal Nevada medical marijuana dispensary, doesn’t want patients to continue to suffer dealing with legal grey areas when trying to get the medicine they need and are legally allowed to use for their condition. This dispensary is passionate about creating an environment that is legal, clean and comfortable enough for all traveling and local medical marijuana patients to get the “releaf” they need.

The Las Vegas ReLeaf medical cannabis dispensary is excited to now have a real market in Nevada, where we can provide legal, safe, up-to-code and qualitative marijuana in a legal medical setting.

However, the new laws that made this possible have a few caveats that are important mention. As dispensaries start to open and these laws truly take effect, patients will no longer be allowed to grow their own medical cannabis. We do not believe this is a fair law however and are working with the Nevada legislature to help patients legally grow again in the future. At the moment, patients can continue to grow who are living 25 miles from their nearest medical marijuana Nevada dispensary.

As Nevada continues to pass legislature on the use of medical and recreational marijuana, we at Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary will keep our patients updated on the newest laws to take effect as soon as possible. We want to keep an open line of communication with Nevada and traveling patients, the state and the federal government so we can keep helping those in need of weed legally and without consequence (except the consequence of feeling better of course).

See our MMJ dispensary’s news feed for information on the most recent legal updates on medical and recreational marijuana in the state, the country and the world as well as updates from Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary and other dispensaries across the county.