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Find a Doctor

To qualify as a medical marijuana patient and receive legal medical cannabis in Nevada, you must have a debilitating condition that qualifies you for medical cannabis treatment. In-state residents will need to see a licensed physician who will complete a medical marijuana recommendation form on their behalf. Depending on the service you use, your medical marijuana doctor recommendation for medical cannabis can expire in one to three years, after which it must be renewed.

Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor

New patient marijuana application process for out-of-state visitors

Depending on your state of residence, finding a medical marijuana doctor to recommend a medical marijuana card for you in Nevada or any other state with legalized medical marijuana is surprisingly easy, even f you’re visiting from out of state.

If you are a California or another out-of-state resident, you can easily obtain your medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation online while visiting Las Vegas, NV by using Presto Doctor services.

Through their streamlined process and Nevada’s reciprocity program, getting a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation can happen in as little as one day and three easy steps.

Using Presto Doctor for out-of-state patients

  1. Sign up for Presto Doctor and complete the medical marijuana patients profile.
  2. Select an appointment to video chat with a licensed California doctor (same day appointments are available).
  3. Get your digital marijuana doctor’s recommendation online immediately, print it out, and visit Las Vegas ReLeaf medical marijuana dispensary. Your official doctor’s recommendation will arrive in the mail a few days later.

New patient process for medical marijuana patients in Las Vegas

If you live in Nevada and need more information on how to find a doctor who can recommend your medical marijuana card, Las Vegas ReLeaf advises medical marijuana patients and those looking to become a patient to visit Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada (WECAN).

You can also make use of the state’s resources as you go through the process of applying, paying for and getting your medical marijuana approval by using the state’s Online Registry portal.

In-state patient registration process

  1.   Completing this process will require access to the Internet, a computer, printer and scanner.
  2.   Start by going to and clicking to the Online Cardholder Registry, where you can create an account,  scan your driver’s license, download, and print out your application.
  3.  Nevada patients are still required to secure a physician recommendation in addition to signing a state-mandated waiver and acknowledgment in the presence of a Notary Public.
  4.   After all pages of your application are complete, you can scan and upload them directly to the state portal for approval.
  5.   Although the state has streamlined this process, it may take some time for the program to issue Letters of Approval.
  6.   Once your application is approved, you may print the letter for use in dispensaries until the card arrives in the mail (see above).

WECAN helps you through the application process

WECAN is an outstanding MMJ patient resource. They provide services, information, and support to all those with questions regarding medical cannabis in the state of Nevada. This information includes advice on medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas for those with a qualifying medical condition and information about legal medical cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas.

WECAN is free to join and available to support medical marijuana patients and provide medical marijuana information you need. Visit the WECAN website to become a member.